Ugly dancing - an incredible and hugely widespread phenomenon. The dances we love to hate, and hate to love. When royalties in the 17th century adored a dance, they made sure to preserve it on paper - a proper perpetuation for future generations to come. Macarena, Head banging and Stage dive surely deserves the same. Introducing: The Art of Ugly Dancing.
Scope: Dance Notation System, Illustrations, Book & Film
Idea, Art Direction & Illustration: Anna Oddbjörn
Production by: Anna Oddbjörn & Emelie Strand, at Berghs SoC
Project Producer: Emelie Strand
Film production: Jonny Holmberg
Direction: Anna Oddbjörn
Dancer: Cathrine Rubach
The Waterloo Step
Inspired by the great pop icons Abba, and many other true Eurovision role models, this step is widely spread among dance floors, living rooms and other ugly dancing intensive spaces. The Waterloo step, a close friend of the classic "step-touch", had been used in every single Swedish Eurovision victory through history at the time of this books production. Since then Sweden has won in both 2012 and 2015, and we can already see that this step has been relegated to history books only ( this one ), at least from stage.
The future will tell for how long.