Next step for Europe's TexMex favourites
The SantaMaria TexMex assortment is one of the most beloved assortments in Swedish supermarkets, as well as in many other European countries. The signature red shelf is easy to find, and consists of a whole range of tortillas, taco shells, salsas, sauces and dips well familiar to some markets, and new to others. I had the opportunity to work with the redesign of this large scale and dynamic line, developing the expression, system and storytelling on every level, to make it even easier to find new favourites and flavours.
This project was created at Identity Works, in a large and dynamic team where my role was lead designer, engaging in all aspects of the project.
Production by: Identity Works Brand Agency
Lead Designer: Anna Oddbjörn
Designers: Victor Lahall, Sara Sanden
Design Director: Anders Björk
Project Manager: Jakob Lindberg
Producer: Cecilia Nelin
Strategy: Ida-Karin Larsson
Copywriter: Mikael Carlsson
Production Designer: Joana Moreno
On pack photography by Roland Persson
Art Director: Anna Oddbjörn