Value driven corporate culture pays off
Happy employees are not only happy. They also make more money. And, it’s the corporate culture that does the trick! That's what this book is all about. These 208 pages are focused on inspiration and action - the practical ways to actually make the corporate culture grow, and why it works. Illustrated with paper cut imagery and put in a design aimed to inspire in every detail, this book is made for modern leaders - on the run, eager to get to action.
This was an incredibly fun project created in tight collaboration with the authors and corporate culture experts Helena Timander and Marie Alani, who invited me to join the process from the very first synopsis to final book delivery and launch.

Production: Anna Oddbjörn
Art Direction: Anna Oddbjörn
Authors: Helena Timander, Marie Alani
Editing: Christian Lundh, Mats Utberg
Paper illustrations: Anna Oddbjörn
Full story
Goal: Make insights get through
How do you make ANOTHER leadership book? Well, in content this is a much more practical and inspiration focused book than its leadership book friends. So, the design really needed to reflect that. Still, the content needed to be presented in a trustworthy manner. There is depth to these insights. The main challenge for the design was to balance these aspects. The goal: To tell a story that gives the reader real value - by making the insights get through, with knowledge and inspiration along with it.
Idea: An inspirational toolbox filled with insights
Our shared vision for the project was to challenge the present, and inspire a new kind of leadership with both the book's insights and its design. As the content consists of a new, practical angle to the subject, the design should help support the same story. At the core of the authors' idea was for the book to be used as a practical toolbox, rather than an ordinary book. Naturally, that became at the core of the design idea as well.

The idea for the design was to create an inspirational toolbox, filled with well organised insights. To create an intriguing setting to make the readers get into the book, and well presented insights for the readers to assimilate and take out of it. Of course, they go hand in hand.
Design extract: The balance of lively & trustworthy
The graphic expression of the paper cut imagery was chosen to provide a lively, contemporary setting, and something completely new for the category. I wanted to give it a hands on, tangible look that aligns with the practical approach of the book. Also, I wanted to create a good framework to illustrate the authors' metaphores, which play an important role in the book.

The playful papercut imagery, along with the vivid colour palette, was balanced with a more traditional approach for the typography, hierarchy and layout, as a stable foundation. The authors' insights are presented in a straight forward design with focus on readability, and are strengthened by the content of the imagery to make the metaphores easy and inspirational for the reader to access, process and remember.
Design extract: Features for accessible reading
The book is optimized to be read in sections, where the content is easy to access and come back to, on the run or when eager to get to action. The size of the book, the length of the chapters, their order, the chapter dividers and the guiding graphic elements. They're all part of making the insights get through, so that the reader assimilate the content and gets real value.
Result: 208 pages of toolbox
The authors' debut Lycklig Lönsamhet was released in Sweden in the summer of 2013, and was spread among leaders at a fast pace. It was very well received, and Lycklig Lönsamhet became an established technical term. The book became a valuable asset for the authors' to spread the growth of value driven corporate cultures, and started a wave of positive reactions.