Authenticity, story, craft and knäcke
Knäcke is a true Swedish classic. Especially, the crisp bread original decorated with the Dala Horse: Leksandsknäcke. This family run, iconic brand wanted to update their core assortment to make their story of craft, the locally grown ingredients and the spirit of their bakery, to really get through on their packaging. A project all about authenticity, story, craft and of course, knäcke.
This project was created working at Identity Works, and as the lead designer I had the exciting chance to really dive into the world of genuine craft baking and work in tight collaboration with Leksandsbröd to develop their iconic brand.
Created at Identity Works Brand Agency
Client: Leksandsbröd
Lead Designer: Anna Oddbjörn
Account Manager: Jacob Lindberg
Account Executive: Katarina Holst
Copywriter: Emma Engström
Illustrator: Linda Leander
Full story
Goal: Tell the story
For the update of the assortment, the challenge consisted of telling the story in a clear way and update the design without losing its heritage. The project's goal was to make it easier for the consumer to get the story behind the breads - its characteristics through solid craft and local ingredients, and its authenticity as a family run, caring bakery.
Idea: True authenticity. Craft wrapped up.
Telling a story of true authenticity can be done in many ways. We figured the best way is - to actually stay true to oneself. Tell the story of being authentic by being it. To embrace ones strengths. Thus, that's what we did. We updated the brand by using more of the characteristics from its heritage.

Icon from Dalarna, made with love - Leksand is a town in Dalarna, the Swedish landscape often associated as the centre of traditional Swedish cultural heritage, including the knäcke bread, the pattern style Kurbits and the Dala Horse. The bakery has been family run for six generations and is characterised by personality, love for bread and innovation.

The craft of the bread - Leksandsbröd bake with water from their own spring (under the bakery) and with rye from Swedish farms. The list of ingredients is short and consists of healthy, locally grown ingredients. The recipes and baking techniques are mainly traditional, but the characteristics are varied and new shapes, flavours and characteristics are continuously developed.
Design vision: Craft wrapped up
Our vision for the design was to create a feeling of craft wrapped up. Treating the bread within with care, and embrace classic craftsmanship in the design to give that feeling of solid craft immediately on the packaging. Inspired by the craft put into the bread and the Leksands way of caring, we also found inspiration in the functionality of the folded paper around the bread. This caring craft is what we sat out to increase in the over all design as well.
Design extract: Prioritising and new tools
The story of craft, the locally grown, the family spirit, the bakery and its heritage were processed and developed in several ways. Through prioritising the story's messages and the layout's areas, hierarchies and elements, we could tell the story bit by bit over the packaging, with designated areas and tools for each message. One of the new additions was the tone-of-voice we developed, to be able to tell the story with more Leksands personality.

Another key addition was to base the main stories on how the bread gets its characteristics in the baking process. This made it easier to learn about the craft involved, while the character of each bread becomes clearer. Ultimately, it's easier to find new favourites and understand the story of Leksands.
Design extract: The updated expression
Over all, the style was made more human, to embrace the Leksands personality and the feeling of craft wrapped up. The iconic Leksands Dala Horse returned to its hand painted origin ( painted by a local artist ), and the Kurbits art was developed on all packaging. Typography details were refined, the colour scales warmer, and the design system was developed to show more personality in every bread while keeping recognition intact. 
Result: Brand new old icons
- The goodness, the locally grown, the family spirit and the solid craft should 
be felt immediately when you lay your hands on a package of crisp bread from us. That was the starting point when we decided to update the design of our packaging, says Annika Sund, Marketing Director of Leksandsbröd.
- The team at our design agency Identity Works and Linda Leander, who hand painted the new packaging, have really succeeded in interpreting the family's wishes.
Extract from the press release of the new packaging, Jan 2015