The start of a full service brand
7A is a well appreciated conference, event and office house company with three locations in the middle of Stockholm. The company is known for its bright and dynamic premises, its friendly, flexible approach and its full service offering in food, technique and coordination services. At the start of this project 7A had all of these characteristics, but consisted of two houses times two business areas, two identities and two names. Their vision was to create one full service brand, and we were asked to kickstart it by creating a new brand identity and website.
This was an extensive, exciting project produced by me and developer Andreas Janland. The project was followed by a three-year collaboration where I had the chance to work tightly with 7A to continue develop their brand by design, in every detail. 
Production by Anna Oddbjörn and Andreas Janland
Brand Identity: Anna Oddbjörn
Concept, Wireframe, UI: Anna Oddbjörn & Andreas Janland
Art Direction: Anna Oddbjörn
Code: Andreas Janland
3D Imagery: Wec360
Copy: 7A, Ninni Essen
Account Manager: Anna Oddbjörn
Full story: Website
Goal: Full service to support dialogue
With 7A’s vision to become one full service brand, the main challenge here was to create clarity. The Conference & Event section, offering rooms for meetings and events of all sizes, and their Business Center, the hub for venture tenants, needed to be fully integrated with the houses' profiles.
We needed a new visual language and a website reflecting the services and profiles of the houses in a clear way, while gaining interest, trust and action
from conference guests, booking agencies and office tenants. The main goal for the website: to create inspirational, smooth booking dialogues.
Idea: Welcome in to explore our houses
We identified that the core question for the booking dialogue really was all about the rooms. How big are they, what do they look like, and how are they located in reference to each other? Can we put a board meeting in a small room with a fireplace and then follow it up with group discussions in three rooms next to it? To make these answers accessible, and even inspirational, would be very useful for both booking companies, tenants and the 7A crew.

So what's the best way to let people get to know the rooms? To us, nothing beats welcoming people in. Our idea: Let the visitors explore. We let the visitors of the website interact with the houses, easily getting an overview of the premises and be able to dive deeper into the rooms of interest.
Design extract: The heart of the site
The digital map tool, consisting of four levels: area, house, floor and room, functions as the heart of the site. As a foundation for the content, we initiated an extensive project to produce floor plan imagery of every premise and connected those with mood setting photographies and facts on each room. We included features that let bookers save favourites, download and send requests to make their work easier and the dialogue better in every way.
Full story: Brand identity
Goal: Clarity, reliability and the 7A atmosphere
The new brand identity needed to be clear in communicating 7A as one full service brand. The new name, 7A, origins from their first house located at Strandvägen 7a, and had already become the informal name of their business. It now needed to be clear that 7A was one united brand, with a cohesive identity communicating the reliability of a high quality full service provider, and associated with the brightness and friendliness of their signature atmosphere and setting. Additionally, the new identity needed to work for the different profiles of the houses - both the more luxurious, the casual, and potential future styles of new houses.
Idea: Bright and sound
The new identity is based on a bright, cool expression and stable elements that collaborate with vivid imagery. The new logo is an evaluation of their old one connecting the 7 and the A with a dot, like the cast iron portal on their first address. Inspired by the refreshing light seeping through the windows of the 7A premises, I made the logo see through. The letters are cut out, enabling the logo to let through light and interact with its background, particularly when combined with imagery - something 7A works a lot with to communicate their atmosphere.
Design extract: the colour palette
To reproduce the bright and friendly atmosphere, the colour palette uses a lot of soft contrasts, with white, light silver and ice blue, in combination with dark blue, silver and gold for headlines and other elements with more need for accentuation. The core colours are accompanied by accent colours for each house, to help separate and emphasize the profiles.
Result: One more house
The website was launched together with the brand identity, with great impact both internally and externally. It renewed the way the 7A crew worked with bookings and viewings, and started a new way of implementing design as a brand and service building asset in several other areas of their business.
The project was followed by a three year long design collaboration, following 7A on a journey through expansions, new business areas and new houses.